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The professional chinese manufacturer of Men's wool blend coat


Lihua Times Clothing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. mainly provides R&D and intelligent manufacturing services for domestic and foreign brands such as middle and high-end village shirts,suits,casual tops,casual pants, etc.The company's customers are all over the country, Hong Kong,Macao,Taiwan, Europe,America,Japan,Korea,Australia,etc.

Lever Trend is mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of high-end apparel,facing customers and the market, providing customers with "one-stop solution" services (including: product design + fabric research and development + process innovation + rapid production + customization Production + mass production + supply chain remedy for out of control + market trend analysis). Lever Trend has always been adhering to the vision of "only one thing for a hundred years, focusing on the research and development, production and intelligent manufacturing of middle and high-end menswear", implements the Amoeba business model,and always adheres to the ingenuity spirit of more than 60 years,Taking the revitalization of the national industry as its own responsibility, leading all my colleagues in the company to ride the wind and waves, and move forward courageously! Our dream-a century of Lever Trend!

Lever Trend is a professional manufacturer of Men's wool blend coat,Men's metallic hooded trench coat,Men's wool blend casual woven jacket,Men's nylon stretch business woven jacket,Men's plaid business woven trousers,Men's single-breasted business woven suit,Ladies long sleeve casual woven shirt,Little Boys' Long Sleeve Plaid Casual Woven Shirt,Little Girls' long-sleeved ruffled casual woven shir,Men's wool blend coat,Men's Long Sleeve Casual Plaid Woven Shirt,Business Non-iron Long Sleeve Woven Shirt,Non-iron Long Sleeve Woven Shirt,Men's classic business long sleeve woven shirt and so on.our products have good price and quality,OEM customized is available.you're welcome to contact us.

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