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How about Men's wool blend coat? Is it warm?


Men's wool blend coat

Men's wool blend coat


In fact, for men's coats, the styles of each year are basically the same. Classic styles will always occupy the main position in the menswear circle. What remains unchanged is the classic design, the material and color of the fabric. Different styles of coats have different styles. Different fabric materials determine the warmth and comfort of the clothes. The warmth of the coat is related to what material is made of fabric. Then we will introduce the following common ones. Coat fabric.

Men's wool blend coat

1. Blended fabrics of polyester fiber, acrylic fiber and chemical fiber

All three materials are made of man-made fibers, with average warmth retention, average fabric softness, low price, and relatively easy to take care of, but after washing more times, they will become soft and collapsed.

2. Fabrics containing wool

It is well known that wool has good warmth retention, and the feel of the fabric is soft and delicate enough. It is one of the common fabrics for coats. The quality of the wool fabric is related to the quality of the wool fiber. The better the fabric made of wool fiber, the better the gloss and the softer the hand feel. It is impossible to judge from the parameters. You have to touch it with your hands.
The price of good wool fabrics is naturally not cheap, so many fabrics add artificial fiber materials such as polyester fiber and chemical fiber to reduce costs while retaining the advantages of wool, and the hand feel will be slightly harder.

4. Cashmere fabric

The wool comes from Mianyang wool, and the cashmere is the fine fluff from the roots of the coarse wool on the outer skin of goats. The cashmere fabric woven from cashmere fibers has a delicate hand, good warmth, and lighter weight than wool. It has a good gloss and is comfortable to wear The degree is higher, and of course the price is more expensive.

5. Cashmere and wool blended fabric

The nobleness of pure cashmere fabrics also makes it more "squeaky", easy to wear, and very expensive, so cashmere and wool are blended into fabrics, which can not only take advantage of cashmere's delicate hand feel, good warmth, good gloss, and good gloss. The advantage of neutralizing the wear resistance of wool can not only ensure the comfort of wearing but also make its price more cost-effective.

6. Alpaca fabric

Alpaca fabric comes from the alpaca that lives in an environment with a large temperature difference between day and night, so alpaca wool has good warmth retention. Alpaca fiber is longer than wool. Alpaca fabric has a soft and delicate touch and strong luster. Good alpaca fabric can be comparable to the texture of cashmere, and because alpaca hair does not contain oil, it is not as easy to stain as wool. . Another highlight of the alpaca fabric is its natural color. The color of alpaca wool is richer. Different colors of alpaca wool can be used to make fabrics of different colors, which is more healthy and environmentally friendly.

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