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Full analysis of high-quality formal shirt customization process

quality formal shirt

quality formal shirt

quality formal shirt


Every handicraft of the high-quality Formal shirt customization craftsmanship, every place hides a great function and knowledge. Let's find out today.

quality formal shirt

1. Handmade Formal shirt collar
The collar is the key to a Formal shirt. Different collar choices allow modern elite men to switch between a variety of styles at will. Pay attention to these dense stitches on the collar, which are the traces of "hand-up collar". The collar made in this way will not foam due to washing, thus affecting the wearing effect. The firmness of the collar is difficult to achieve only by the texture of the fabric itself, and the design of the "collar slot" can just assist the straight shape of the collar. The collar support is "detachable", avoiding unnecessary wear and tear during washing and ironing. The handmade collar, even without a tie, will elegantly and securely fit under the collar of the suit.

2. Sleeve cage full of Italian aesthetics
Don't ignore the style of the cuffs, the revealing of details reflects a person's attitude towards life. Whether a Formal shirt looks good or not, the most important thing is the shoulders. It is the shoulders that can best reflect the soul of handmade shirts. The Italian Neapolitan-style shirt has a high and narrow armband, which perfectly showcases a man's strong body and pectoral muscles. At the same time, the dimensions of the sleeves are large, which will not hinder the movement of the arms at all.
The cuffs are the finishing touch. The standard cuff length just reaches the wrist joint, showing an inch beyond the cuff of the suit, with half of the watch exposed. When the arms are moving, the shoulders will form natural pleats, showing a free "flowing" rhyme. It is such subtle folds that give a top-level Formal shirt its unique vitality, and it also makes stylish men willing to pay for it.

3. The thread head is a watershed
The Italian-style Formal shirt is more in pursuit of the casual style. When there is no tie, the buttons are opened, and the edges of the Formal shirt are not sewn dead. Therefore, precise "measurement" and ingenious design are also very important. The "fit, beauty, and decency" have been achieved to the extreme, and at the same time, flexible and free lines are reflected in every gesture, which is also the craft we pursue.

4. The importance of formal shirt buttons
The biggest distinguishing point of the manual sewing of Formal shirts is the buttons. The Italian-style handmade shirt adopts the "traditional three-pronged chicken claw sewing" method, and it takes at least 4 hours to complete the manual buttonhole and sewing link. "Double seaming" at the buttonholes increases the firmness and aesthetics of the buttonholes; the buttons adopt "double dense seam" and "three-dimensional seam method", which further improves the convenience of buttons. The material of the buttons is even more important: the deep-sea mother-of-pearl button is extremely tough, wear-resistant and shiny. Each button is 6mm high, twice the size of a normal shirt.

5. The mystery of the fourth button
If you find a thread on the fourth button of a Formal shirt and a visible seam next to it, then the shirt you're wearing must be worth a lot of money. Please don't doubt the "intentional" here, the inner piping above the seam is not stitched, and the bottom is stitched. This is to reveal the natural shirt structure line when worn open~

6. The mystery of the combination of the front film and the back film
There is a special stitching point at the junction of the front and back of the Formal shirt, which is called "Gusset". Meaning: wrap keel, also known as slit patch. In order to enhance the wear resistance and prevent the slits from being torn due to detachment or force, a patch is sewn. Italian-style shirts that know romance and elegance play a lot on this patch, giving a simple shirt a chic and interesting play.

7. Formal shirt cuffs
Obviously, most finished shirts do not have this small button on the cuffs, which is the embodiment of high-end customization. A true gentleman never exposes skin that should not be exposed in public. The design of this detail can help gentlemen stay elegant at all times.

8. Contrasting color hand sewing process
Like the color-blocking process of suit buttons, the last button of the high-end Formal shirt is also hand-stitched with color-blocking, highlighting advanced customization in the details.

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